Download CorelDraw X7 32/64 + Activation Code and Serial Number for free 2020

Download CorelDraw X7 32/64 + Activation Code and Serial Number for free Update 2020
CorelDraw X7 Graphic Suit

Corel Draw is a vector graphics based software or program or editor. Corel Draw was created and developed by Corel Corporation.

Versions released by Corel Corporation are version 1 (1989), version 2 (1991), version 3 (1992), version 4 (1993), version 5 (1994), version 6 (1995), version 7 ( 1997), version 8 (1998), version 9 (1999), version 10 (2000), version 11 (2002), version 12 (2003), version 13 or X3 (2006), version 14 or X4 (2008), version 15 or X5 (2010), version 16 or X6 (2012) and the latest is version 17 or X7 (2014). Source:

Steps to open the CorelDRAW X7 program:
click Start
Then click on All Programs
Select CorelDraw Graphics Suite x7

In the Quick Start Window there are several options such as
What's New which is new information related to new things owned by CorelDRAWx7.
Workspace where we can replace the CorelDRAW X7 window layout themes.
Gallery is a place where we can see several product designs.
Get Started which has two choices that we can use to create new worksheets such as:
New Document is a way to open a new worksheet where we can set the name and size of the worksheet.
New From Template is opening a new worksheet based on the template provided by CorelDRAW X7. Source:

How to Install CorelDraw X7 32/64 + Activation Code and Serial Number:
  1. Before installing, first download Keagen HERE and open the password by entering the password:
  2. Check I accept therm in the license agreement, and click NEXT
  3. Click Continue will appear the window unable to connect to the internet to register .
  4. Then tick Register leter and click Continue.
  5. Then click "already Purchased?" And the next window will appear, and click enter serial number.
  6. After clicking Enter Serial Number, the words "Already have a serial number" will appear, here you are instructed to fill in the serial number, then open the Keygen, and select the product on the keygen select CorelDraw
  7. Graphics suite X7, copy the serial number on keygen. Next paste into corel draw x7 then click activate offline
  8. Then the next window will appear "Contact corel custemer Support". So here you can copy the Number (installation code) that is in the corel draw form and paste it into the "installation code" form located on the keygen,
  9. Then click generate Activation Code, then then please copy the code activation code in the keygen form and paste in the activation code form that is in Corel Draw, and continue to click Continue
  10. Next will appear a window that says thank you, your purchase is now complete, and click closed
  11. Finish and enjoy

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